Minimum Wage to be Raised in 7 States Due to Inflation

The annual August consumer price data index was released on September 13, 2022, showing an 8.3% rise in inflation. This will trigger minimum wage increases in the following states (AZ, ME, MT, OH, SD, VT and WA). Their current minimum wage rates values are:

  • AZ-$12.80
  • ME-$12.75
  • MT-$9.20
  • OH-$9.30
  • SD-$9.95
  • WA-$14.49
  • VT-$12.55

It should also be noted that another five states, in addition to those mentioned above – plus D.C. – adjust their wages based on inflation but do not rely exclusively upon the August Consumer Price Index inflation. Those are AK, CO, MN, NY and OR, respectively.

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