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What Can Football Teach Us About HR?

Author: hrwsAdmin

Professional athletes have never been shy about posting their thoughts on social media. Over the last couple of months we’ve seen a top NFL player and even an active coach, bring new light on its impact. As you may have seen, Antonio Brown took to social media to allegedly “force” his way out of Oakland…


Do You Have to Pay Employees if a Natural Disaster Occurs?

Author: hrwsAdmin

As Hurricane Dorian moves up the United States’ eastern coastline, we thought it would be a good time to discuss what happens to employee wages if a business needs to shut down due to a natural disaster. It is important to know what employers are required to do in these situations regarding wage and salary…

IRS Penalty Letters

IRS Sending ACA Penalties Letters at Staggering Pace

Author: hrwsAdmin

The HR Workplace Services (HRWS) Advisory and Compliance teams have been inundated with calls and emails from our insurance brokerage partners and their clients, regarding ACA penalty letters (coming from the IRS). Each letter representing thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars from one employer to the next. And rather than slowing down, the pace…

401k Rollover Plan

401(k) Left-Behind Rollover Rule Eased by DOL

Author: hrwsAdmin

It is now easier for an employer to transfer 401(k) plan funds left behind by former workers to the individuals’ new employer’s plans. This comes as a result of a recent exemption adopted by the Department of Labor (DOL) – one granted with the intent to help high-turnover industry employers who often find themselves tasked…

IRS Announces 2020 HSA Contribution Limits

Author: hrwsAdmin

The IRS announced the 2020 annual inflation adjusted limits for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Contributions and High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) Out of Pocket limits. The information was announced in Rev. Proc. 2019-25. Please reference the table below for specific details: 2019 2020 HSA Maximum Contribution – Single $3,500 $3,550 HSA Maximum Contribution – Family…

HIPAA and Data Breaches

HIPAA, Data Breaches and What You Should Know (Even If You’re Not a Healthcare Company)

Author: hrwsAdmin

When it comes to compliance, most everyone agrees that the privacy regulations set forth by HIPAA are necessary. Yes, even if keeping up with them means extra effort (and expense). For healthcare organizations, a full commitment to HIPAA compliance is obligatory. But, did you know there are others who are similarly implicated? This group includes…

BYOD Policies (What They Are) And, What You Need to Know

Author: hrwsAdmin

Just a few years back, the idea that employees could/should provide their own devices in the workplace was preposterous. But these days, the devices are so portable, powerful and readily available that at least considering putting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in place, is worthy of consideration. So whether you’re thinking about adding…

5 Ways AI Can Impact HR (Yes, for the Better)

Author: hrwsAdmin

You’ve heard it from futurists, physicists and your favorite LinkedIn corporate doomsayers. But, we are here to tell you that before AI (artificial intelligence) replaces every human job (how is that a bad thing, btw?) and eventually takes over the world, it can do wonders to improve the HR world, right now. Employee Engagement –…

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