5 Ways AI Can Impact HR (Yes, for the Better)

You’ve heard it from futurists, physicists and your favorite LinkedIn corporate doomsayers. But, we are here to tell you that before AI (artificial intelligence) replaces every human job (how is that a bad thing, btw?) and eventually takes over the world, it can do wonders to improve the HR world, right now.

Employee Engagement – AI apps can help HR departments better communicate with employees about everything from projects to preferences. Since happy employees are better ones, keeping them that way is paramount. There are some slick new AI applications that detect workload logjams, redistribute tasks, and even provide insights and solutions.

Scheduling – Apologies to you career schedule-makers, but just imagine putting together a 16-person mega-meeting with a few mouse clicks? Enter AI system that can simultaneously access multiple calendars to identify shared availability? They can even arrange seating by roles to promote productivity. Collaboration anyone?

Harassment Reporting – Statistics show that workers are cautious about reporting harassment issues. Some are either embarrassed or reluctant to come forward for a variety of reasons – whether they believe that coming forward will just cause problems, or they’re not completely sure that what happened constitutes as harassment. But … new AI bots can make it easier, by asking the same questions as would an HR rep, without that stigma, bias, judgement …

Job Postings– Look, if you love writing job postings, we won’t stop you. But, if you have other tasks at hand, AI can help. New tools see AI drawing useful information to create spot-on job descriptions for available positions. Then, at last, a real person can review and make final tweaks.

Benefits Administration – Through analytics and AI, organizations are becoming infinitely better at matching people with their best health plan option. In other words, AI is great at closing the gap between HR folks and medical professionals. Simply add in an individual’s needs, and you get the best-fit plan recommendation and even some local providers. What’s more, this lowers costs for both company and employee with better healthcare results to boot.

Sure, AI is still in its developmental stages, but advancements seem well on their way to make vast improvements in the HR world and beyond. The future looks promising to say the least.


*Be advised that the information contained in this article is intended for educational purposes and to provide a general understanding of the law, not to provide specific legal advice.