About HR Workplace Services

HR Workplace Services (HRWS), was founded in 2009 and helps companies and public entities of all sizes navigate the complex nature of today’s business challenges.

The majority of organizations do not have full-time HR staff and a lack of sufficient experience and training keeps companies exposed and vulnerable to costly liabilities. While many of them face similar HR challenges, including compliance issues, EEOC complaints, and employee issues, they are also facing challenges with operating efficiencies, changing workforce, and effective growth strategies.

Using a consultative, proactive approach, HRWS provides comprehensive services designed to protect businesses. Top insurance agencies throughout the nation partner with HRWS to provide needed and exceptional value to promote their clients’ success.

Each client is assigned a designated, high-level Human Resource and Workplace Conflict Resolution Team that provides live, expert guidance on HR and business development issues. HRWS helps employers establish and enforce policies, and maintain productivity through appropriate employee relations. Clients also receive ongoing support to stay apprised of regulatory, compliance, and ever-changing legal statutes.

The HRWS management and advisory team consists of highly educated, skilled, and devoted professionals. Our team has extensive knowledge of HR complexities and takes the time to provide customized solutions for the unique needs and situations of our clients. With disciplines including contract law, compensation, training/development, compliance, recruitment/retention, and employee relations, clients receive a comprehensive team to address all their business challenges. As a result, HRWS has helped thousands of businesses and public agencies reduce their workload, avoid lawsuits, improve operations, and protect them from potential and costly mistakes.

Today HRWS is a global leader, working with clients in all 50 states and more than a dozen countries worldwide.